Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

Bollmann - Map

Deutsche Version

In spite of all modern Technology like GPS, satnav, Google Earth and Google Maps there are still traditions which are carried on in time.

Employees of the Bollmann Company roam the streets armed with camera, paper and pencil in order to produce a new version of the Bollmann map - of course this happened already in January last year. The procedure is elaborate and there is to consider lots of time. 24 blue prints of the size of 1 square meter describe Stuttgart downtown in a bird's-eye view and a format of 1:1000. All details are drawn manually. The final pleated map of the City is in a 1:4500 Format.

The first map of this kind was made in 1966, in the meantime there have been six revised editions, version number eight documents the changes provoked by Stuttgart 21.

The Surveyor's Office of Stuttgart supports the company with references to major constructional changes.

The technique of depicting buildings in a slightly heightened way is a speciality of Bollmann and copyrighted.
 The mix of art and cartography is still very popular and even though it has been declared finished several times due to new techniques, this handicraft with consideration of slightest details is very special. Even the Senior Mayor of Stuttgart, Fritz Kuhn, perpetuated his greetings on the map.

Circulation number this time is 30.000 pieces and as soon as Stuttgart 21 will be finished, there will be another edition.

Older issues and maps of other cities can be ordered directly at the publishing house.

This year's issue can be bought at the price of € 6,90 at reception, surely a nice souvenir of your stay in Stuttgart or a very special kind of gift to bring to your family and friends. Of course Hotel Wartburg appears also on it.