Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Home and Garden Fair 2013

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The "Home and Garden Fair" is held all over Germany on different dates and in different places.
They mostly present plants, garden furniture and decoration in an inspiring ambiance, in this case at the Monrepos, a lake and garden in the vicinities of Ludwigsburg.

This is a baroque building on the premises, you can hardly ever visit unless you plan to have a wedding or some other festivity there and rent it for the day.

Panamanian hats from Ecuador

Posh container for your garbage.

Nice idea for a small pond in the garden.
They took the large black buckets and put some sackcloth around it.

Garden house

This garden dekoration is made from bottles, covered with some kind of gypsum, 
nice idea, too.

The ducks from the lake are used to all these people, they won't even move aside.

Flower bulbs for plantint in order to have flowers next season.

Fantasy colored rubber boots are a fashion feature nowadays and quite handy with the lot of rain we had this year in Germany.

That is cute: Flower containers made from old truck tires.

Beerholder - never worry again where to put your beer bottle.