Montag, 12. August 2013

Stuttgart - once upon a time and now

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If you happen to know Stuttgart from former times, maybe there are certain images which are in your mind, maybe you even have pictures from these days.
In the internet there are several projects with this focus.
For some time, there has been the website Stuttgart-Album.
There you will find photos of Mineralbad Berg, a swimming bath 50 years ago, when swimcaps were mandatory or of the solar eclipse 1999.
There will also be a real  book of the project in October.
The newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung shows pictures from once upon a time now and then, for example
the former "amusement center", made out of wood cabins, the so called "united cabins or Vereinigte Hüttenwerke" which had been on the ground of the now existing Schwabenzentrum.
Even Castle Square has been different   a picture from the seventies shows a nearly void square which will be difficult to find nowadays.
Another website shows images of the turn of the century( not 2000 but 1900).
In 2016 the new city museum -  Stadtmuseum Stuttgart in the Wihelmspalais will be opened.
The Wilhelmspalais was home to the library -  Stadtbibliothek before and has now moved to another place. Of course objects to be presented are collected already and some theme exhibitions have already be organized.

You can see how even Castle Square has changed in time.  A picture from the Seventies shows a place nearly void of people, a view you won't get very often nowadays.
As we made research for our jubilee of 50 years we found very interesting photos from the 60s and 70s, too. You will find them on Facebook  here and here.
Another website shows pictures of the turn of the century( not 2000 but 1900).
In  2016 the city museum Stadtmuseum Stuttgart in the Wihelmspalais will open. Wilhelmspalais before was home to the city library Stadtbibliothek. Of course relevant pieces for the exhibition are being collected and smaller theme exhibitions  are being organized

Here is a small post card presentation Youtube:

Even forums are dedicated to the subject and an original kind of  city tour leads you around Stuttgart on the basis of ancient picture postcards.
Which memories do you have of your former visits to Stuttgart?