Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

Embracing a career in hotel business in Germany

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Embracing a career in hotel business in Germany

The German system of apprenticeship in our profession provides a training on two levels:
Training on the job in the hotel and several months on a vacational school, usually divided up in clusters of several weeks.
This year we have four apprentices working in Hotel Wartburg. One of them is in his third year of education and will be finishing the apprenticeship with his final exams, one is in the second year and two have started last September and are in the first year of their training.
The German word for this profession is "Hotelfachmann/Hotelfachfrau" which could be described as professional in the hotel and catering department.

The different departments in our hotel consist of:
restaurant including beverage counter, kitchen, housekeeping, reception and hotelbar.
Larger hotels have even more diversified departments such as accounting, marketing, sales or F&B.

Here are some of the tasks you will have to handle during your apprenticeship:
Beverage counter:
-Preparation of hot and cold drinks
- Pouring out of drinks
- Maintenance and stocking up of the beverage deposit, cools store and fridges
- Preparation of breakfast buffet
- Controlling stock and ordering of beverages

- Assisting the preparations for the daily kitchen routine
- Preparation of salads, desserts and cakes
- Cleaning of kitchen appliances
- Collaboration in the scullery
- controlling hygiene standards for cleaning and storage
- Assistance in inventory
- Acceptance of deliveries

-Preparation of daily process - we call it "mise en place" -
like the polishing of glasses and cutlery, laying table cloths, setting tables,
fill up salt and pepper stands
- Serving of food and beverages
- Advicing guests with their menu choice
- Assitance in working in banquets, caterings and conferences

- Cleaning of lobby, restaurant, hallway, rest rooms and hotel rooms
- Dealing with different kinds of detergents
- preparing the laudry
- controlling rooms for cleanliness

- Operating the telephone system and passing on of calls
- correspondence via mail, fax and email
- Check in and check out
- Information and services for hotel clients
- Creation of function sheets
- Office organisation like filing and preparation of copies

-          Creation of menus for a la carte and banquets

- Preparation for beverage service
- Advice and sale of beverages
- cleaning of the hotel bar
- controlling and filling up stock

As you might have noticed, you will never get bored in this business. Multi tasking is mandatory. For this training you have to be resilient and like to deal with other people.
Working hours can not be compared to normal nine to five jobs, you will have to work often during weekend and in the evening. So you have to consider these facts if you decide to take up a career in the hotel profession.
What are the advantages of working in this business?
After your education you can continue to qualify in the department which suits you best. Whether in tourism and travel, working in the administration of a resort, hotel management or as teacher in a professional catering school or food and beverage administration.

You have the possibility to work in different countries, in catering, hotel or a holiday resort. Our apprentices all have a volunteer training for one or more days after their first job interview in order to have more information, also by the other colleagues. We, on the other hand, can see if they are suited for this kind of job.