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50 years - Hotel Wartburg Stuttgart, Germany

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50 years - Hotel Wartburg and VCH day 27 October 2012

The 27 October was declared as official VCH day and we as VCH Hotel Wartburg were planning actions for this event. The year 2012 was also a mile stone in the history of Hotel Wartburg which led us to the idea of celebrating our jubilee as well as the completion of the refurbishment our exterior building front.

The motto of the day was - at that time and today - tradition and modern times.

The archives were searched for pictures and documents, in the stack-room we found plates from the 70s which had escaped decluttering.

We read the correspondence around the development and planning of Hotel Wartburg during the 60s and learned,that the Hotel Wartburg in Mannheim had been visited then in order to be enlightened for the future architecture of the hotel. In these days they had decided, not to provide the rooms with radios because it is presumed that the guests will bring their own portable radio.

Times have changed in the meantime and now it is nearly imperative to offer free wifi in the hotel and the radio now has become practically obsolete because clients bring along other kinds of mobile devices.

Mr Schäfer devised a mind map with all relevant items for the festivity.

Our Restaurant Manager, Mr Mittermayer, brought boxes with old menus from his fund

and the Restaurant cooked nostalgic menus in the weeks before and after the jubilee.

Modern times were represented by the now completed facade. After having refurbished the complete facade facing the back yard, this year we took on the exterior front. The extensive activities required the hotel to close for one complete month. Even after that we could only rent a part of the rooms. During this time, some of our employees took advantage of the possibility to support other VCH-Hotels in Berlin and get inspired for their work at VCH Hotel Wartburg.
Since our new Hotel Identity was represented in lime green, we also thought about new employee uniforms. The white polo shirts and purple aprons were replaced by black shirts and lime green pinnies.

The president of
VCH - Verein Christlicher Hoteliers - Association of Christian Hoteliers - had promised to come personally in order to hand over a certificate of our association.

Furthermore we were expecting welcoming speeches from Mr Martin, Chairman of the Association Evangelische Wohnheime e.V.

Mrs. Andrea Gerlach, procurator of Stuttgart Marketing and Mrs. Inge Klotzsche,regional chairwoman of honor of Dehoga (Hotel Association) were also paying us the compliment of making speeches on behalf of the anniversary.

Mr. Martin

President of VCH, Herr Wiesenbach

Mrs. Klotzsche

Mr. Schäfer, GM of Evangelische Wohnheime e.V.

Mrs.Gerlach with
hotel managers Claudia Weller und Martina Baronowsky

The celebration took place during the afternoon and friends, patrons, business partners, neigbors, former and contemporary employees and their relatives could learn more about the history of the hotel.

After the greeting speeches where we were presented with two certificates, the
rest of the program started.

On every floor pinboards with documents of former times were placed.
The writing "Hospiz" which had been attached to the exterior of the building was
displayed one last time in the hallway.

Die Aufschrift der alten Fassade

Children's corner on the first floor

All the rooms on the second floor were open for perambulation and inspection

A projector presentation on the fourth floor offered the possibility of a digital time travel through 50 years. You can have a look at the presentation on our facebook page or on Slideshare.

On the other side of the small conference room, a festively laid table was displayed.

In the hotel lobby one of the cooks and one of the apprentices carved artwork out of vegetables and fruit and informed visitors about the professional possibilities in the hotel business.


The VCH Hotel Wartburg right now has 5 employees as apprentices in the hotel business. Usually we employ one or two new collaborators for apprenticeship every year.
During the festivity we had the pleasure of welcoming five former employees who hat passed the 3 year long traineeship in the hotel.

We offered treats from our kitchen and entertainment with two mock-waiters from "Knoba Sörwiss" and Frau Schwätzele from the Stuttgart Tourist Office, offering insights in Swabian Life.


Interesting prizes could be won during an interactive game, the winner was awarded a weekend stay in a VCH Hotel in Berlin.

The provider of Hotel Wartburg - Evangelische Wohnheime e.V. was also represented by two additional sales stand from Käthe-Luther-Haus and Hans-Sachs-Haus. The guests had the opportunity to inform themselves about these two institutions for homeless and socially emarginated people and to buy upscale handmade products from their wood, forge and crafting studios.


The feedback and interest by the invited was outright was uniformly positive and many new and old relationships to Hotel Wartburg could be built and strengthened.